Persons from your organisation

Person management

You can manage personal data via the people menu. People are automatically added to this list after they log in to pin-a-desk for the first time. The first name, last name and email address are adjusted with every new login based on the information obtained through the authentication.

Adding persons

Adding new people can be done manually, but this is not advised. Ask your colleague to log in once, which will automatically create a new person record. If you do create a person manually, make sure you use the correct email address, as this is used as a unique identifier.

Remove persons

The removal of persons must be done manually, to avoid excessive license costs. Colleagues who have left the organization no longer have access to pin-a-desk. This is because pin-a-desk uses your organization's authentication service.

Link persons to Teams

Teams can be activated via the Settings menu

A person can be linked to another team via the people detail screen. This is the only place where that is possible. At the first login, a person has had the opportunity to choose a team. Changing can only be done here.

If a person changes teams, all future reservations of this person will be deleted. Use the secretary function to see which reservations have already been made by this person.

Assign a Role

Via the Role option it is possible to give a colleague more or fewer rights within pin-a-desk. The following roles can be chosen:

  • User. This is the standard role, which only gives rights to reserve workstations for themselves.

  • Secretary. With this feature, a person gets the opportunity to see all the reservations of colleagues. In addition, this role can also make reservations further in the future, than the period configured via Settings.

  • Administrator. With this role you have full management rights to pin-a-desk and you can adjust all settings, including the financial institutions.