Set availabilities

What are availabilities?

Availability is used to set how many workstations are available per location. As this number can change over time, availabilities have an as of date. An end date does not exist, which is determined by an availability at the same location with a newer date.

If teams are not activated, you will see the "Default" team. All colleagues are on this team.

Usage of Teams

If you have activated teams via Settings, you can set availability per location, per team. With this you can, for example, arrange that 2 teams have to share the available workplaces at a location.

Name of an availability

You can name an availability in the Comment field. This field is optional and can be used, for example, to clearly register a temporary restriction. For example: The new floor will be installed during these 3 weeks.

Availability of a temporary nature is added with a start date and can be removed afterwards. The original availability is thus reactivated.

Days of the week

When creating an Availability, you are given the option to determine the number of available workplaces (Limit) per day (see Settings for which days are active).

pin-a-desk uses 2 special limits:

  • Limit field is empty: The location has an unlimited capacity, or there is no need to check for number of reservations for this location / team combination.
  • Limit field is 0: The location cannot be booked for the team in question on this day, but the location is shown.
  • Deactivate a day: by switching the switch behind the day, you can ensure that the location for that day is not visible to colleagues at all.