Reserve your spot

How do you reserve a workspace on a set date?

First, choose the daypart that you need, in the weekly overview. On the right, you will see the available locations. If a location still has free spots, you will see the button 'Reserve'. Simply click this button and your reservation is completed.

You can only submit 1 reservation per daypart. If you want to change your reservation, first cancel your current reservation, then make a new one.

After your reservation, the number of free spots will go down with 1 for the selected location.


Some locations may have options added to them. It depends on your company's configuration which options are available per location. If there is an option displayed, you'll be able to check an option, or select the number of options you would like to include in your reservation.

There may be a limited amount available for some options, so it could be that someone else has made a reservation, taking the option you are looking for. It is possible that you don't see this reservation. Check with the person in your company that administrates pin-a-desk for more information.