Create reservation for another person

You need the Secretary role for this position. This can be given by the administrator via the management menu and the option People.

Through the secretary function it is possible to create reservations for other people. Click on the option Secretary at the top right of the screen:

If this option is not available, please contact the pin-a-desk administrator for your organization so that they can assign you the correct role.

To make a reservation for someone else, use the button "ADD RESERVATION" at the top left. After clicking this button, you will see the following screen:

  • Day. Choose the day for which you want to make a reservation
  • Period. Choose the part of the day for which you want to make the reservation
  • Person. Choose the person you want to book for
  • Team. This field is for information, so you can see for which team the reservation will count
  • Location. Choose the location for which you want to book
  • Options. All configured options are displayed here and can be booked for this reservation.

Availability errors

You may see error messages indicating that there are insufficient resources available for the reservation you are trying to make. Normally such a reservation can't be done, but as you are now in the secretary mode, this overbooking can be done by ignoring the error message.