Split days in dayparts

What is a daypart?

A time period is the division of a day into several periods. We deliver the periods Morning and Afternoon as standard. If desired, the day can be divided into more periods. It is also possible to define only 1 time period, so that reservations are always made for a whole day.

Edit daypart

If a time period is clicked or a new period is created, the following detail screen appears:

  • Code. Type a short name for this time period here. This short name is shown in the weekly calendar in places where there is less space on the screen.
  • Name. The full name of this period. This is shown in places with more space.
  • Type. Choose if the new daypart is a time frame or a combination of existing dayparts.
  • By. The time from which this period is valid. This time is used to determine availability. For example, if a period runs until 12:00, then it will be shown as unavailable from 12:01 in the weekly calendar.
  • Until. The time until which this period runs.
If only 1 time period is used, no period will be mentioned in the weekly calendar

Combination of dayparts

Use the combination of dayparts to combine multiple periods into for example "whole day". A combined daypart is always displayed directly beneath or next to the first daypart that is part of the combination.

In case 1 of the dayparts that are includes in the combination are no longer available, the combination daypart won't be displayed anymore.

In case you have a reservation on a daypart that is part of a combination and you make a reservation on the combination, your old reservation will be converted into a combined reservation.