Set Teams

Teams overzicht

The Teams tab shows an overview of all teams that are currently registered. Existing teams can be changed or deleted via the list.

For a team you can only configure a Name. This name is visible to colleagues when they log in for the first time and are asked to select their team.

Colleagues cannot change their team themselves, for privacy reasons. Because someone is a member of a team, they also gain insight into the reservations of other team members. The team of a colleague can be changed via the management menu and the option People.

Delete a team

It is possible to delete a team. Keep the following in mind if you delete a team:

  • Persons who are still linked to that team become "teamless". As a result, these people may no longer be able to make reservations. Another team needs to be linked manually via the management menu and option People.
  • Availability will be removed for all locations for which this team had an availability.
  • Future reservations for this team will be removed and the spots will be made available to other colleagues
Deleting a team cannot be undone